Thursday, June 8, 2017

About The Project

I am currently running my fifth instrument donation drive since 2012! This drive is an extension of my bat mitzvah project, which I conducted in 2013, and have continued to do periodically. Through a partnership with Berklee College of Music, the instruments I collect are donated to local nonprofit organizations and schools which provide music education to underserved populations.

This organization collects quality computer hardware, musical instruments, and production equipment to communities in need. Examples of their partner organizations include the Boys and Girls Clubs, various Boston Public Schools, the Haley House, Girls Rock Campaign and several locations of YMCAs. These organizations work to bring music and music education to underserved populations, especially urban youth. The Haley House specifically serves populations dealing with homelessness and poverty by empowering girls through music, such as Girls Rock Campaign.

One of the clubhouses that the instruments go to, the Mattapan Teen Center, was able to start a brass ensemble as a result of the instruments I donated in my 2016 instrument drive. This was very exciting news to hear!

Link about Berklee Instrument and Equipment Donation Program:

About Me

I am in twelfth grade at Newton South High School (2017-2018). I have been playing saxophone for nine years, and have loved it since the day I started.  Helping other kids get the chance to enjoy music as much as I do is something very near to my heart. By collecting instruments to donate, it is my hope that others will have the opportunity to share the same joy in music.

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Most recent delivery of instruments on June 8, 2017. I donated about 50 instruments/equipment!

Interviewed by BID/BED in 2012


Delivery of instruments on March 25, 2016. I donated 40 instruments/equipment!

My second delivery of instruments (2013). The next delivery was in April of 2014.

The first delivery of instruments (2012).

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